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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

30 Day Eating Change Results

You guys asked for it.  Sorry it has taken so long to find time to type this up!

I went 30 days following Britt's eating plan for me.  If you've read any of my posts you know it isn't all about numbers, but here are the results:

In 4 weeks I lost12 lbs and a lot of fat.  I did this through a basic diet that required no extra costs outside of a normal grocery budget.  I also did it while traveling 2 of the 4 weeks to Las Vegas and Orlando.  Yeah, I lost 12 lbs while eating out over half my meals.  We were also waste-deep in buying a new home and moving which adds stress and anxiety.  Stress and anxiety typically causes me to eat more and gain weight.  

More pictures:

It's all about principles.  It isn't about starving yourself or calorie counting.  Calorie counting only exists when you are eating something that is not good for your body.  Once you understand how certain foods affect your body you can maximize every meal.  I had no steady meals, less workouts than normal, and easy access to stuff like this:

So, how did I do it?  Well, it wasn't by eating the stuff above.  This is it:

1. Limit sugar intake.
2. Eat as raw and natural as possible.
3. Eat as many veggies as possible (especially while eating meat)
4. Limit bread intake
5. Don't drink calories (this includes so-called "no-calorie" drinks that aren't water)

RANT I have to say something real quick about no-calorie drinks.  I am a marketing/product manager that works with government agencies.  Government agencies dictate how companies should communicate ingredient/chemical calories.  So, chemists develop chemicals with specifics chemical components to manipulate the regulations so the marketing department can make claims about low-fat, no-calorie, no-sugar, etc.  If you are drinking something that is not water but claims no-calories it is because a chemist invented a chemical that they put in the drink.  This chemical has went through the required testing procedure but there is no way of knowing for sure that this new chemical won't eventually have negative consequences on your body.  Think about aspartame in diet pepsi.  Diet pepsi is now advertising that their drink is aspartame free.  So, they have been selling an aspartame-laced drink for decades that we now know causes problems.  Now, they have replaced it with a new sweetner/chemical that some chemist invented so they can continue to make the same marketing claims.  Please understand.  They don't know how the new sweetner/chemical will affect you.  They will say they do, but they don't.  Also, why the heck aren't people up in arms about this?  Pepsi is openly admitting that what they have been selling for decades is dangerous by promoting that it is now aspartame free.  Where in the world are my protesters? :)  RANT OVER

If you want specifics you can see the meals I ate in my first 7 days.  

If you want to do the same you must use a customized plan to meet your needs.  There are obviously rules that work for everyone.  However, you should consult with Brittany to develop a custom plan to meet your unique needs.

To my Fellow Worker-Outers:
I love working out.  I love the challenge.  For years I tried my to lose weight through intense workouts.  In non-winter months I average 3-6 hours of intense workouts per week.  That doesn't include the constant hiking and bike riding Britt and I love to do.  I burned a ton of calories, but never saw the lasting results.  Don't get me wrong, working out is very important.  Building muscle will help you burn fat and improve your heart health.  It prevents disease and promotes stable mental and physical health.  However, what I now know is that you can't outwork bad eating.

I mentioned the 80/20 rule in previous posts.  I believe the 80/20 rule applies directly to working out and eating.  80% of your weight loss goals should be based on your eating and 80% of your foods should be good fuel for your body.  20% of your weight loss goals should be based on your workout regimen and 20% of your food intake can be non-fuel.  Meaning- sugars, bread, non-water, and meats like bacon or red meat.  I like the idea of a cheat meal once a week to keep your body honest.  Once again, I am simply describing to you my findings for myself.  You should consult with a wellness coach like Brittany and a doctor before making big changes.

Meal Preparation
Britt has been amazing in this for me.  She has made most of my meals when I wasn't traveling.  It has been a huge time commitment for her.  I believe eating normal groceries is essential for lasting success.  However, other friends have used the meal service and seem to be having great success!  The reason why I don't like to recommend the meal service is because it is more costly and if you rely too much on them to supply everything and you eventually start making your own food you may be forced to give up for budget reasons.  

If you can't do you are doing a diet or eating change that you can't imagine doing forever the statistics are against you that you will keep it up and see lasting results.

Grace is such a beautiful thing.  Grace is not mercy.  It is not forgiveness.  Among other things, it is God's effort to help you.  It is available to all His children.  For me, I rely on God's grace to help me in my eating, cravings, and mindset change.  I thank Him (by Grace through Faith) for changing my mind and taste buds towards things that my body needs but my taste buds don't like.  I thank Him for eliminating my desire to eat things that poison my body and don't promote a healthy and fit body.  I thank Him for reminding me that the bad things are not going to benefit me.  His Grace is there for me in my time of need.  As one pastor put it, He takes away my "want to."

You can do it and He wants to help!

By His Grace

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